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Stay Alive (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Stay Alive” is a horror film released in 2006, directed by William Brent Bell. The movie stars Jon Foster as Hutch, Samaire Armstrong as Abigail, Frankie Muniz as Swink, and Sophia Bush as October.

The story follows a group of friends who discover a mysterious and disturbing video game called “Stay Alive.” As they play the game, they realize that it is more than just a typical horror game – it seems to be linked to a series of real-life deaths.

As the group delves deeper into the game’s mysteries, they begin to experience strange and terrifying occurrences in the real world that mirror what happens in the game. It becomes evident that the game may be cursed, and players who die in the game also die in real life.

The friends must now race against time to uncover the dark secrets behind “Stay Alive” and find a way to break the deadly curse before they become its next victims.

“Stay Alive” is known for its horror and suspense elements, combining the concept of a cursed video game with supernatural elements. The film plays with the idea of blurring the line between virtual reality and real-life horror.

The movie received generally negative reviews from critics, with criticism for its predictable plot and reliance on horror clichés.

“Stay Alive” serves as a touchstone for viewers seeking a supernatural horror film that incorporates elements of gaming and technology into its chilling narrative. It remains an atmospheric and eerie movie that taps into the fears of the digital age and the potential dangers of immersive virtual experiences.

Additional Details


  • Jon Foster: Hutch
  • Frankie Muniz: Swink
  • Samaire Armstrong: Abigail
  • Jimmi Simpson: Phineus
  • Sophia Bush: October
  • Wendell Pierce: Detective Thibodeaux
  • Rio Hackford: Detective King
  • Milo Ventimiglia: Loomis Crowley
  • Adam Goldberg: Miller Banks
  • Maria Kalinina: Countess
  • Billy Slaughter: Rex
  • Nicole Oppermann: Sarah
  • James Haven: Jonathan Malkus
  • Alice Krige: the Author


  • Director: William Brent Bell
  • Producers: McG, Peter Schlessel, James D. Stern and Matthew Peterman
  • Writer: William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman

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