Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros. (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Super Mario Bros.” is a live-action film based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. Released in 1993 by Hollywood Pictures, the film was directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel.

The story takes place in a dystopian version of New York City, where brothers Mario Mario (played by Bob Hoskins) and Luigi Mario (played by John Leguizamo) are plumbers struggling to make a living. Their lives change when they encounter a parallel universe, the Mushroom Kingdom, which is under the tyrannical rule of King Koopa (played by Dennis Hopper). Princess Daisy (played by Samantha Mathis) seeks their help to overthrow Koopa and restore peace to her kingdom.

“Super Mario Bros.” is known for its ambitious attempt to bring the colorful and whimsical world of the video game to the big screen. However, the film received mixed reviews from critics and was a commercial failure upon release. Many fans of the video game franchise were disappointed with the film’s departure from the source material and its dark and gritty tone.

Despite its shortcomings, “Super Mario Bros.” has gained a cult following over the years, with some appreciating its quirky and campy charm. The film’s production design, which brought the Mushroom Kingdom to life with elaborate sets and practical effects, has been praised for its creativity.

While the film may not have been a critical or commercial success, it remains a part of video game movie history and a nostalgic piece of entertainment for fans of the Super Mario franchise. It also serves as a reminder of the challenges filmmakers face when translating beloved video games into successful cinematic experiences.

Fun Facts

  • The film was directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, known for their work on the British TV series “Max Headroom.”
  • The movie was the first major attempt to adapt a video game into a live-action feature film.
  • The film’s production was reportedly troubled, with creative differences between the filmmakers and the studio, resulting in significant changes to the script during filming.
  • “Super Mario Bros.” features a dystopian, cyberpunk-inspired interpretation of the Mushroom Kingdom, deviating from the colorful and whimsical world of the video games.
  • The movie introduced various elements not present in the original video games, such as the concept of dinosaurs evolving into humanoid reptiles.
  • Despite its deviation from the source material, the film contains several nods to the video game series, including references to power-ups like the Super Mushroom and the use of Bob-ombs.
  • “Super Mario Bros.” was a commercial and critical disappointment, failing to recoup its production budget and receiving negative reviews.
  • The film has gained a cult following over the years, appreciated by some for its campy charm and nostalgic value.
  • Despite its mixed reception, “Super Mario Bros.” holds the distinction of being the first feature-length adaptation of the iconic video game franchise, paving the way for future video game movies.
Super Mario Bros. movie 1993

Additional Details


  • Bob Hoskins: Mario Mario
  • John Leguizamo: Luigi Mario
  • Dennis Hopper: President Koopa
  • Samantha Mathis: Princess Daisy
  • Fisher Stevens: Iggy
  • Richard Edson: Spike
  • Fiona Shaw: Lena
  • Mojo Nixon: Toad
  • Dana Kaminski: Daniella
  • Francesca Roberts: Big Bertha
  • Gianni Russo: Anthony Scapelli
  • Don Lake: Sgt. Simon
  • Lance Henriksen: The Fungus King, or King Reznor
  • Frank Welker: Yoshi / Goombas
  • Dan Castellaneta: Narrator


  • Director: Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel
  • Producers: Jake Eberts and Roland Joffe
  • Writers: Parker Bennett, Terry Runté, Ed Solomon

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