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Swing Vote (Touchstone Movie)

“Swing Vote” is a political comedy-drama film released in 2008, directed by Joshua Michael Stern. The movie follows the story of an ordinary man whose vote becomes the deciding factor in a presidential election, turning his life upside down and shining a light on the complexities of the American political system.

Bud Johnson (Kevin Costner) is a down-on-his-luck, apathetic, and somewhat irresponsible single father living in a small New Mexico town. He works in an egg factory and has little interest in politics or voting. However, when his precocious daughter Molly (Madeline Carroll) decides to secretly cast his vote in the presidential election, a series of unforeseen events unfold.

Due to a voting machine malfunction, Bud’s vote becomes the only one that didn’t register, making his vote the decisive one for the entire election. The entire country is in suspense, as the election outcome hinges on Bud’s vote. Suddenly, Bud finds himself the center of attention, with the candidates and media descending upon his town, attempting to win him over and secure his vote.

As the presidential candidates, played by Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper, passionately appeal to Bud in their efforts to gain his support, he realizes the magnitude of his situation. With the whole world watching, Bud must navigate the political circus and confront the weight of his vote while discovering the significance of civic responsibility and its impact on the democratic process.

“Swing Vote” is both a lighthearted comedy and a thoughtful exploration of the American electoral system. The film cleverly highlights the influence of media, money, and politics on the electoral process, while also emphasizing the importance of individual participation and informed decision-making.

Kevin Costner delivers a heartfelt and relatable performance as Bud Johnson, portraying a character who evolves from indifference to a realization of the importance of his civic duty. Madeline Carroll shines as the spirited and intelligent Molly, providing a crucial source of inspiration and guidance for her father.

While “Swing Vote” received mixed reviews from critics, it remains a notable film for its timely and relevant themes, and its entertaining approach to politics and democracy. It serves as a reminder of the power of every vote and encourages viewers to reflect on the impact of their choices in shaping the future of their nation.

Additional Details


  • Kevin Costner: Ernest “Bud” Johnson
  • Madeline Carroll: Molly Johnson
  • Paula Patton: Kate Madison, news reporter
  • Kelsey Grammer: President Andrew “Andy” Boone
  • Dennis Hopper: Donald “Don” Greenleaf
  • Nathan Lane: Arthur “Art” Crumb
  • Stanley Tucci: Martin “Marty” Fox
  • George Lopez: John Sweeney
  • Judge Reinhold: Walter
  • Chip Esten: Lewis
  • Mare Winningham: Larissa Johnson
  • Mark Moses: Attorney General Wyatt
  • Nana Visitor: Galena Greenleaf
  • Dale O’Malley: Hank Johnson


  • Director: Joshua Michael Stern
  • Producers: Kevin Costner and Jim Wilson
  • Writers: Joshua Michael Stern and Jason Richtman

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