The Adventures Of Bullwhip Griffin

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The Adventures Of Bullwhip Griffin (1967 Movie)

“The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin” is a 1967 American live-action adventure comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions. It is loosely based on the 1963 novel “By the Great Horn Spoon!” by Sid Fleischman.

The movie is set in the 1849 California Gold Rush era and follows the story of young Jack Flagg (played by Bryan Russell), an orphan boy from Boston who travels to California to find his long-lost aunt. On his journey, he meets a butler named Bullwhip Griffin (played by Roddy McDowall), who is trying to reclaim a valuable family heirloom. Together, they encounter a series of adventures and mishaps as they navigate the Wild West and search for treasure.

Bullwhip Griffin is an eccentric and resourceful character who carries a bullwhip, hence his nickname. He provides comedic relief and becomes a mentor to young Jack as they face various challenges and outlaws during their travels.

The film is a blend of adventure, comedy, and family-friendly entertainment, featuring colorful characters and humorous situations. It showcases the spirit of adventure and the excitement of the Gold Rush era, making it a fun and engaging watch for audiences of all ages.

While “The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin” received moderate success at the box office, it has become a nostalgic favorite among Disney fans over the years. The film’s lighthearted tone, charming performances, and picturesque settings have contributed to its enduring appeal.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released:
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $1.9 million
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  • Roddy McDowall: Bullwhip Griffin
  • Suzanne Pleshette: Arabella Flagg
  • Bryan Russell: Jack Flagg
  • Karl Malden: Judge Higgins
  • Harry Guardino: Sam Trimble
  • Richard Haydn: Quentin Bartlett
  • Mike Mazurki: Mountain Ox
  • Hermione Baddeley: Miss Irene Chesney
  • Alan Carney: Joe Turner
  • Liam Redmond: Captain Swain
  • Cecil Kellaway: Mr. Pemberton
  • Joby Baker: Bandido Leader
  • Parley Baer: Chief Executioner
  • Arthur Hunnicutt: Referee
  • Dub Taylor: Timekeeper
  • Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez: Bandido
  • John Qualen: Barber


  • Director: James Neilson
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Music: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Mel Leven and George Bruns

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