The Barefoot Executive

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The Barefoot Executive (1971 Movie)

“The Barefoot Executive” is a comedy film released in 1971, produced by Walt Disney Productions. Directed by Robert Butler, the film stars Kurt Russell and revolves around a young man’s unlikely rise to success in the television industry with the help of a chimpanzee.

The story follows Steven Post (played by Kurt Russell), a mailroom clerk at the struggling television network UBC. Steven is a dreamer with a keen sense of what the audience wants. One day, he accidentally discovers that a chimpanzee named “Raffles” has the ability to predict the television program ratings accurately.

Realizing the potential of Raffles’ unique talent, Steven decides to capitalize on it to save the network from failure. With the chimp as his “TV ratings guru,” Steven starts making brilliant programming decisions that result in skyrocketing ratings for UBC. As a result, he quickly rises through the ranks and becomes an executive at the network.

However, as Steven’s success grows, he faces challenges in managing both his professional life and the complications that come with having a chimpanzee as a secret behind his achievements. He must navigate the chaos and hilarity that ensues as he tries to keep Raffles’ talent hidden while juggling his newfound executive responsibilities.

“The Barefoot Executive” is a lighthearted and entertaining comedy that offers a humorous take on the world of television and the lengths people go to for success. The film highlights the absurdities and challenges of the entertainment industry while also celebrating the power of innovation and following one’s instincts.

While not one of Disney’s major blockbuster films, “The Barefoot Executive” was well-received by audiences, particularly those who enjoyed family-friendly comedies. Kurt Russell’s charismatic performance and the adorable antics of the chimpanzee Raffles added to the film’s appeal.

Today, “The Barefoot Executive” is considered a nostalgic piece of Disney’s filmography, appreciated by fans of classic family comedies. It serves as a reminder of Disney’s ability to create heartwarming and fun stories that entertain audiences of all ages.

Additional Details


  • Kurt Russell: Steven Post
  • Joe Flynn: Francis X. Wilbanks
  • Harry Morgan E.J. Crampton
  • Wally Cox: Mertons
  • Heather North: Jennifer Scott
  • Alan Hewitt: Farnsworth
  • Hayden Rorke: Clifford
  • John Ritter: Roger
  • Jack Bender: Tom
  • Tom Anfinsen: Dr. Schmidt
  • George N. Neise: Network Executive
  • Ed Reimers: Announcer
  • Morgan Farley: Advertising Executive
  • Glenn Dixon: Sponsor
  • Robert Shayne: Sponsor
  • Tris Coffin: Sponsor
  • James B. Douglas: Network Executive
  • Ed Prentiss: Harry
  • Fabian Dean: Jackhammer Man
  • Iris Adrian: Woman Shopper
  • Smilin’ Jack Smith: Clathworthy
  • Eve Brent: Mrs. Crampton
  • Sandra Gould: Mrs. Wilbanks
  • James Flavin: Father O’Leary
  • Peter Renaday: Policeman
  • Judson Pratt: Policeman
  • Vince Howard: Policeman
  • Hal Baylor: Policeman
  • Bill Daily: Navigator
  • Dave Willock: Doorman
  • Anthony Teague: TV Salesman
  • Edward Faulkner: Reporter


  • Director: Robert Butler
  • Producer: Bill Anderson
  • Music: Robert F. Brunner, Franklyn Marks and Bruce Belland

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