The Crimson Wing: Mystery Of The Flamingos

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The Crimson Wing: Mystery Of The Flamingos (2010 Movie)

“The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos” is a nature documentary film produced by Disneynature. It was released in 2008 and directed by Matthew Aeberhard and Leander Ward. The film follows the fascinating and mysterious life of the lesser flamingos in their natural habitat in the Rift Valley of East Africa.

The documentary focuses on Lake Natron in Tanzania, where millions of lesser flamingos gather each year to breed and raise their chicks. The lake’s unique properties, with its high alkalinity and high salt concentration, create a harsh environment that few other animals can survive in. However, for the flamingos, it provides the ideal conditions for breeding.

The film delves into the life cycle of the flamingos, capturing their remarkable courtship displays, mating rituals, and the delicate process of nest building. The filmmakers use breathtaking cinematography to showcase the stunning pink hues of the flamingos against the stark, otherworldly landscape of the lake.

As the flamingos lay their eggs, the film follows the challenges they face in protecting their young from predators, such as baboons and hyenas. It also explores the phenomenon of mass breeding, where thousands of chicks are hatched simultaneously and form crèches to protect each other from danger.

“The Crimson Wing” not only offers a mesmerizing visual experience but also highlights the conservation efforts needed to protect the fragile ecosystem of Lake Natron and the flamingos’ natural habitat. The film emphasizes the importance of preserving these unique environments for the survival of these magnificent birds and the countless other species that depend on them.

Disneynature is known for producing stunning and informative nature documentaries, and “The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos” is no exception. The film provides a rare and intimate look into the lives of the lesser flamingos and the challenges they face in their quest for survival.

Overall, “The Crimson Wing” is a beautiful and educational film that captivates audiences with its stunning imagery and compelling storytelling. It showcases the beauty and wonder of the natural world while raising awareness about the importance of conservation and protecting the delicate balance of ecosystems like Lake Natron.

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  • Narrators: Mariella Frostrup (UK/US) and Zabou Breitman (France)


  • Directors: Matthew Aeberhard and Leander Ward

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