The Distinguished Gentleman

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The Distinguished Gentleman (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“The Distinguished Gentleman” is a comedy film released in 1992, directed by Jonathan Lynn. The movie stars Eddie Murphy as Thomas Jefferson Johnson, a con artist who decides to run for Congress.

The story follows Thomas Jefferson Johnson, a fast-talking con artist who capitalizes on the name recognition of a deceased congressman named Jefferson Johnson to run for Congress in a special election. He realizes that voters often choose candidates based on familiar names rather than their qualifications.

As Johnson enters the political arena, he uses his street smarts and charisma to win over voters and gain support from influential politicians and interest groups. Along the way, he discovers the inner workings of Washington, D.C., and the temptations and corruption that come with power.

“The Distinguished Gentleman” is known for Eddie Murphy’s comedic talent and the film’s satirical take on the world of politics. It explores themes of political manipulation, public perception, and the influence of money in the political process.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for Eddie Murphy’s performance but criticism for its predictable plot. However, it has found a following among fans of political satire and those who appreciate Eddie Murphy’s comedic style.

“The Distinguished Gentleman” serves as a touchstone for viewers seeking a humorous and light-hearted take on the world of politics, as well as a reflection on the absurdities and realities of the political landscape. It offers an entertaining look at the art of persuasion and the lengths some individuals may go to achieve their ambitions in the political sphere.

Additional Details


  • Eddie Murphy: Thomas Jefferson Johnson
  • Lane Smith: Dick Dodge
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph: Miss Loretta
  • Joe Don Baker: Olaf Andersen
  • James Garner: Jeff Johnson
  • Victoria Rowell: Celia Kirby
  • Grant Shaud: Arthur Reinhardt
  • Kevin McCarthy: Terry Corrigan
  • Charles S. Dutton: Elijah Hawkins
  • Victor Rivers: Armando
  • Chi McBride: Homer
  • Sonny Jim Gaines: Van Dyke
  • Noble Willingham: Zeke Bridges


  • Director: Jonathan Lynn
  • Producers: Marty Kaplan, Leonard Goldberg and Michael Peyser
  • Writer: Marty Kaplan and Jonathan Reynolds

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