The Good Mother

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The Good Mother (Touchstone Movie)

“The Good Mother” is a drama film released in 1988, directed by Leonard Nimoy. The movie stars Diane Keaton as Anna Dunlap, Liam Neeson as Leo Cutter, and Jason Robards as her ex-husband, Jack.

The story revolves around Anna Dunlap, a devoted and caring mother to her young daughter Molly. After divorcing her husband Jack, Anna begins a new relationship with Leo Cutter, a sculptor. They decide to live together, and Anna’s life seems to be on track.

However, complications arise when Anna’s ex-husband, Jack, seeks full custody of Molly, arguing that Anna’s relationship with Leo is harmful to their daughter. The ensuing custody battle forces Anna to confront society’s expectations of motherhood and the limits of personal freedom.

“The Good Mother” delves into complex themes of custody disputes, societal judgments, and the boundaries between personal choices and parental responsibilities. The film explores the challenges faced by single mothers in navigating their personal lives and their roles as parents.

Diane Keaton delivers a strong performance as Anna, portraying the character’s struggle with grace and vulnerability. Liam Neeson and Jason Robards also deliver compelling performances in their respective roles.

“The Good Mother” received mixed reviews from critics upon its release but remains notable for its thought-provoking exploration of societal norms and expectations surrounding motherhood and relationships. The film serves as a touchstone for viewers interested in emotional and thought-provoking dramas that challenge conventional notions of family dynamics and personal freedom.

Additional Details


  • Diane Keaton as Anna Dunlop
  • Liam Neeson as Leo Cutter
  • Jason Robards as W. O. Muth
  • Ralph Bellamy as Frank, Anna’s maternal grandfather
  • Teresa Wright as Eleanor, Anna’s maternal grandmother
  • James Naughton as Brian Dunlop
  • Asia Vieira as Molly Dunlop
  • Joe Morton as Frank Williams
  • Fred Melamed as Dr. Payne
  • Katey Sagal as Ursula
  • Margaret Bard as Aunt Rain
  • Nancy Beatty as Anna’s Mother
  • Barry Belchamber as Anna’s Father
  • Mairon Bennett as Young Anna
  • Zachary Bennett as Young Bobby
  • Scott Brunt as Eric


  • Director: Leonard Nimoy
  • Producer: Arne Glimcher
  • Screenplay: Michael Bortman

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