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The Guardian (Touchstone Movie)

“The Guardian” is an action drama film released in 2006, directed by Andrew Davis. The movie stars Kevin Costner as Ben Randall and Ashton Kutcher as Jake Fischer.

The story follows Ben Randall, a legendary U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer with a distinguished career. After a tragic mission that leaves his team members dead, Ben is haunted by survivor’s guilt and decides to step back from active duty.

As he contemplates retirement, Ben is assigned to train new recruits at the Coast Guard’s “A” School, where he meets Jake Fischer, a young and cocky swimmer with immense potential but a lack of discipline.

Ben takes Jake under his wing and trains him to become a skilled rescue swimmer. Along the way, they form a unique bond, and Ben imparts valuable life lessons to the young recruit.

“The Guardian” explores themes of mentorship, brotherhood, sacrifice, and the dedication of those who serve in the Coast Guard to save lives at sea.

The film features intense action sequences depicting daring rescue missions in treacherous waters, showcasing the bravery and selflessness of Coast Guard rescue swimmers.

“The Guardian” received mixed reviews from critics but was praised for its thrilling rescue sequences and the performances of Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.

The movie serves as a touchstone for fans of action-packed dramas that highlight the heroic efforts of the Coast Guard and the emotional toll such a demanding job can take on those who choose to protect and save others at any cost.

Additional Details


  • Kevin Costner: Senior Chief Aviation Survival Technician Ben Randall
  • Ashton Kutcher: Airman/Petty Officer 3rd Class Jake Fischer
  • Neal McDonough: Chief Aviation Survival Technician Jack Skinner
  • Melissa Sagemiller: Emily Thomas
  • Leigh Hennessy: Drowning Woman
  • Clancy Brown: Captain William Hadley
  • Brian Geraghty: Aviation Survival Technician Third Class Billy Hodge
  • Sela Ward: Helen Randall
  • Omari Hardwick: Chief Petty Officer Carl Billings
  • Michael Rady: Zingaro
  • Peter Gail: Airman Danny Doran
  • Shelby Fenner: Airman Cate Lindsey
  • Damon Lipari: Damon Bennett
  • Bonnie Bramlett: Maggie McGlone
  • John Heard: Captain Frank Larson
  • Dulé Hill: Airman Ken Weatherly
  • Brian Patrick Wade: Mitch Lyons
  • Joe Arquette: Co-Pilot Antunez
  • Andrew Schanno: Pilot Henry Mitchell
  • Tilky Jones: Tilky Flint
  • Jeff Loftus: USCG Commander, Executive Officer
  • Daniel Molthen: Richard Wakefield
  • Bryce Cass: Manny
  • Chicago Catz: the bar band
  • Travis Willingham: Travis Finley


  • Director: Andrew Davis
  • Producers: Armyan Bernstein, Lowell D. Blank, Zanne Devine, Beau Flynn
  • Writer: Ron Brinkerhoff

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