The Island At The Top Of The World

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The Island At The Top Of The World (1974 Movie)

“The Island at the Top of the World” is a fantasy adventure film released by Walt Disney Productions in 1974. Directed by Robert Stevenson, the movie is based on the novel “The Lost Ones” by Ian Cameron, which was inspired by Jules Verne’s works.

The story is set in 1907 and revolves around a British aristocrat named Sir Anthony Ross (played by Donald Sinden) who organizes an expedition to find his missing son, Donald. The search leads them to an uncharted island in the Arctic Circle, believed to be the legendary island of Hyperborea.

Accompanied by an American archaeologist, Professor Ivarsson (played by David Hartman), and a trapper named Oomiak (played by Mako), the group embarks on a perilous journey to the mysterious island. They encounter a unique and advanced civilization that lives in harmony with nature, as well as various dangerous and mythical creatures.

Upon finding Donald (played by David Gwillim) on the island, the group must overcome challenges and dangers as they attempt to escape and return to civilization. Along the way, they learn about the island’s hidden secrets and the peaceful ways of its inhabitants.

“The Island at the Top of the World” was notable for its groundbreaking special effects and impressive production design, including the creation of the steampunk-inspired airship used for the expedition. The film was also known for its immersive Arctic landscapes, which were filmed in Norway and Iceland.

While the film received mixed reviews upon its release, “The Island at the Top of the World” has since gained a cult following and is fondly remembered by fans of classic Disney adventure films. It remains a charming and nostalgic family-friendly movie, showcasing the spirit of exploration and wonder that Disney is known for.

“The Island at the Top of the World” is a reminder of Disney’s commitment to bringing imaginative and adventurous stories to the big screen, capturing the essence of exploration and discovery that has been a central theme in many of the studio’s beloved films.

Fun Facts

  • “The Island at the Top of the World” is a Disney adventure film released in 1974. It is set in the late 19th century and tells the story of an expedition to the Arctic in search of a lost Viking civilization.
  • The film is notable for its impressive special effects and set design. It features a mix of live-action and miniatures to create the illusion of the Arctic landscape and the Viking village. The film received Academy Award nominations for Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects.
  • “The Island at the Top of the World” is based on the novel “The Lost Ones” by Ian Cameron. While it received mixed reviews upon release, it has gained a cult following over the years and is remembered for its unique blend of adventure and fantasy elements.
The Island At The Top Of The World

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released:
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $10 million
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  • Donald Sinden – Sir Anthony Ross
  • David Hartman – Prof. Ivarsson
  • Jacques Marin – Captain Brieux
  • Mako – Oomiak
  • David Gwillim – Donald Ross
  • Agneta Eckemyr – Freyja
  • Gunnar Öhlund – The Godi
  • Lasse Kolstad – Erik
  • Erik Silju – Torvald
  • Rolf Søder – The Lawspeaker
  • Torsten Wahlund – Sven
  • Sverre Anker Ousdal – Gunnar
  • Niels Hinrichsen – Sigurd
  • Denny Miller – Town Guard
  • Brendan Dillon – The Factor
  • James Almanzar: French Engineer
  • Ivor Barry: The Butler
  • Lee Paul: Chief of Boat Archers


  • Director: Robert Stevenson
  • Producer: Winston Hibler
  • Music: Maurice Jarre

Movie Trailer:

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