The Legend Of Lobo 

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The Legend Of Lobo (1962 Movie)

“The Legend of Lobo” is a 1962 American nature documentary film produced by Walt Disney Productions. It is a live-action film that tells the story of Lobo, a legendary and fierce wolf who lived in the wilderness of New Mexico during the late 1800s.

The film follows the life of Lobo from his early days as a playful and curious wolf pup to his rise as the leader of a wolf pack. As he grows older, Lobo becomes known for his cunning and hunting skills, which make him a threat to local ranchers. The film portrays Lobo as a clever and resourceful wolf who manages to outsmart and elude the ranchers and trappers who try to capture or kill him.

The story of Lobo is told in a semi-fictionalized manner, blending elements of a documentary with a narrative structure. The film uses real-life footage of wolves in their natural habitat, as well as trained wolves and other animals to depict the story.

“The Legend of Lobo” received positive reviews for its stunning cinematography and portrayal of the natural world. It also became one of the earliest examples of wildlife documentaries produced by Disney. The film’s mix of education and entertainment captivated audiences of all ages and became a popular feature in theaters during its release.

The film’s legacy endures as an early and important entry in Disney’s nature documentary series. It showcased the beauty and majesty of wildlife while also weaving an engaging and heartwarming story about a legendary wolf. “The Legend of Lobo” remains a classic for nature lovers and fans of Disney’s live-action productions.

Additional Details


  • Lobo: Himself
  • Emile Genest: Cattleman 1
  • Walter Pidgeon: Cattleman 2
  • Rex Allen: Narrator
  • Sons of the Pioneers: Themselves
  • Sherman Brothers: Themselves


  • Directors: James Algar and Jack Couffer
  • Producers: Walt Disney, James Algar and Jack Couffer
  • Writers: Dwight Hauser, James Algar and Ernest Thompson Seton

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