The Strongest Man In The World

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The Strongest Man In The World (1975 Movie)

“The Strongest Man in the World” is a Disney live-action comedy film released in 1975, directed by Vincent McEveety. It is the third and final installment in the “Dexter Riley” trilogy, following “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” and “Now You See Him, Now You Don’t.”

The movie stars Kurt Russell as Dexter Riley, a likable college student who becomes accidentally superhuman due to a laboratory mishap. When the college is facing financial difficulties, Dexter and his fellow students discover a formula that grants them incredible strength and abilities. They decide to use their newfound powers to win a weightlifting competition and raise funds to save their school from bankruptcy.

As Dexter grapples with his newfound strength, hilarity ensues as he tries to control his powers while avoiding attention from his friends and competitors. The film explores the theme of responsibility and the consequences of using power for personal gain.

Kurt Russell’s charm and comedic timing shine through his portrayal of Dexter Riley, making the character endearing to audiences of all ages. The supporting cast, including Joe Flynn, Cesar Romero, and Eve Arden, add to the film’s comedic elements and contribute to the overall enjoyment of the story.

“The Strongest Man in the World” delivers classic Disney fun, combining physical comedy with a heartwarming message. It celebrates the power of friendship, teamwork, and doing the right thing even when faced with extraordinary circumstances. With its light-hearted humor and entertaining storyline, the movie remains a beloved part of Disney’s live-action film legacy.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released:
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $6.6 million
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  • Kurt Russell: Dexter Riley
  • Joe Flynn: Dean Eugene “Gene” Higgins
  • Eve Arden: Aunt Harriet Crumbly
  • Cesar Romero: A.J. Arno
  • Phil Silvers: Mr. Kirwood Krinkle
  • Dick Van Patten: Harry
  • Harold Gould: Regent Dietz
  • Michael McGreevey: Richard Schuyler
  • Richard Bakalyan: Cookie
  • William Schallert: Quigley
  • Benson Fong: Ah Fong
  • James Gregory: Chief Blair
  • Ann Marshall: Debbie
  • Don Carter: Gilbert
  • Christina Anderson: Cris
  • Paul Linke: Peter “Porky” Peterson
  • Jack David Walker: Slither Roth
  • Melissa Caffey: Melissa
  • John Debney: John
  • Derrel Maury: Hector
  • Matthew Conway Dunn: Matthew
  • Pat Fitzpatrick: Pat
  • David R. Ellis: David
  • Larry Franco: Larry
  • Laurie Main: Mr. Reedy
  • John Myhers: Mr. Roscoe
  • Roy Roberts: Mr. Roberts
  • Fritz Feld: Uncle Frederick
  • James Brodhead: Cousin Edward
  • Dick Patterson: Mr. Secretary
  • Irwin Charone: Irwin
  • Roger Price: Roger
  • Jack Bailey: Jack
  • Larry Gelman: Larry
  • Eric Brotherson: Eric
  • Kathleen Freeman: Officer Hurley
  • Ronnie Schell: Referee
  • Jonathan Daly: TV Announcer
  • Raymond Bailey: Regent Burns
  • Iggie Wolfington: Mr. Becker
  • Ned Wertimer: Mr. Parsons
  • Milton Frome: Mr. Lufkin
  • Mary Treen: Mercedes
  • Eddie Quillan: Mr. Willoughby
  • Jeff DeBenning: Mr. Rogers
  • Henry Slate: Mr. Slate
  • Byron Webster: Mr. Webster
  • Burt Mustin: Regent Appleby
  • Arthur Space: Regent Shaw
  • Bill Zuckert: Policeman
  • Larry J. Blake: Pete
  • William Bakewell: Professor
  • Art Metrano: TV Color Man
  • Peter Renaday: Reporter
  • Lennie Weinrib: State Coach
  • Danny Wells: Drummer
  • James Beach: TV Man
  • Dick Enberg: P.A. Announcer


  • Director: Vincent McEveety
  • Producer: Bill Anderson
  • Music: Robert F. Brunner

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