The Tie That Binds

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The Tie That Binds (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“The Tie That Binds” is a thriller film released in 1995, directed by Wesley Strick. The movie stars Daryl Hannah as Leann Netherwood, Keith Carradine as Russell Clifton, and Vincent Spano as John Netherwood.

The story follows Leann Netherwood, a young woman who was adopted as a baby by a loving couple, Russell and Dana Clifton. When Leann reaches adulthood, she becomes curious about her biological parents and decides to track them down.

However, her search leads her to her biological father, John Netherwood, a violent and dangerous criminal who has been imprisoned for murder. John escapes from prison and kidnaps Leann, intending to use her as leverage to exact revenge on the woman who testified against him.

As Leann tries to escape her captor and get back to her adoptive family, the Cliftons embark on a desperate search to find her and bring her home safely.

“The Tie That Binds” is known for its tense and suspenseful plot, as well as the strong performances of the cast, particularly Daryl Hannah and Vincent Spano.

The film received mixed reviews from critics but has found a following among fans of thriller and suspense films.

“The Tie That Binds” serves as a touchstone for viewers seeking a gripping and intense thriller that explores themes of family, identity, and the lengths a parent will go to protect their child. It remains an engaging and suspenseful film that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as it unfolds a tale of danger, desperation, and the enduring bond between a parent and their child.

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  • Daryl Hannah: Leann Netherwood
  • Keith Carradine: John Netherwood
  • Vincent Spano: Russell Clifton
  • Moira Kelly: Dana Clifton
  • Julia Devin: Janie
  • Bruce A. Young: Gil Chandler
  • Cynda Williams: Lisa Marie Chandler
  • Ray Reinhardt: Sam Bennett
  • Barbara Tarbuck: Jean Bennett
  • Carmen Argenziano: Phil Hawkes
  • Jenny Gago: Maggie Hass
  • Ned Vaughn: Officer David Carrey
  • George Marshall Ruge: Detective Frank Mercer


  • Director: Wesley Strick
  • Producers: David Madden, Patrick Markey, John Morrissey and Susan Zachary
  • Writer: Michael Auerbach

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