Third Man On The Mountain

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Third Man On The Mountain (1959 Movies)

“Third Man on the Mountain” is a 1959 adventure film produced by Walt Disney Productions. The movie is based on the 1957 novel “Banner in the Sky” by James Ramsey Ullman.

The story follows a young Swiss man named Rudi Matt (played by James MacArthur) who dreams of conquering the Citadel, a treacherous and unconquered peak in the Swiss Alps. Rudi’s father was a mountain climber who died attempting to climb the same mountain, and Rudi is determined to honor his father’s memory by succeeding where he failed.

Despite his lack of experience and the doubts of the local villagers, Rudi is determined to become a skilled mountaineer and fulfill his dream. He seeks the guidance of an experienced mountain guide named Emil Saxo (played by Michael Rennie), who initially refuses to help him. However, after witnessing Rudi’s determination and passion, Emil agrees to mentor him.

As Rudi undergoes rigorous training and faces numerous challenges, he must also confront the legacy of his father’s death and the fears that come with climbing such a dangerous peak. Along the way, he forms strong bonds with his mentor and fellow climbers.

The film showcases the beauty of the Swiss Alps and the thrill of mountain climbing, as well as themes of determination, courage, and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams. “Third Man on the Mountain” is a captivating adventure that combines breathtaking scenery with a compelling and inspiring story of personal growth and achievement.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 1959
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $1.7 million
  • IMDB Link


  • Michael Rennie: Captain John Winter
  • James MacArthur: Rudi Matt
  • Janet Munro: Lizbeth Hempel
  • James Donald: Franz Lerner
  • Herbert Lom: Emil Saxo
  • Laurence Naismith: Teo Zurbriggen
  • Lee Patterson: Klaus Wesselhoft
  • Walter Fitzgerald: Herr Hempel
  • Nora Swinburne: Frau Matt
  • Ferdy Mayne: Andreas Krickel


  • Director: Ken Annakin
  • Producers: Bill Anderson and Walt Disney
  • Writer: Eleanore Griffin
  • Music: William Alwyn

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