Three Fugitives

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Three Fugitives (Touchstone Movie)

“Three Fugitives” is a comedy film released by Touchstone Pictures in 1989. Directed by Francis Veber, the film stars Nick Nolte, Martin Short, and James Earl Jones. The story follows a recently paroled bank robber named Lucas (Nick Nolte), who inadvertently becomes involved in a bank robbery while attempting to open a bank account. During the robbery, he is taken hostage by a bumbling would-be robber named Ned Perry (Martin Short).

After the robbery, Lucas and Ned find themselves on the run from the police, with Lucas trying to prove his innocence and clear his name. As they evade the law, they develop an unlikely friendship, and Lucas becomes a father figure to Ned’s young daughter, Meg (Sarah Rowland Doroff). Meg has a hearing impairment, adding a unique challenge to their already chaotic situation.

Throughout their journey, the trio gets into a series of humorous and touching situations, forming a makeshift family and learning valuable life lessons along the way. Lucas and Ned’s chemistry provides much of the film’s comedic moments, with Martin Short’s comedic talents shining as the lovable, but hapless Ned, and Nick Nolte delivering a strong performance as the tough but kind-hearted Lucas.

“Three Fugitives” is a heartwarming and entertaining film that blends comedy and drama, exploring themes of redemption, unlikely friendships, and the meaning of family. The film’s blend of action and humor, combined with the heartfelt performances of the lead actors, made it a popular choice for audiences seeking an enjoyable and lighthearted movie-going experience.

The film’s success lies in its ability to balance laughs and emotions, making it a feel-good movie that resonated with both critics and viewers. “Three Fugitives” stands as a memorable addition to the comedy genre, delivering a heartwarming story of friendship and family that remains enjoyable to audiences even decades after its release.

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  • Nick Nolte: Daniel James Lucas
  • Martin Short: Ned Perry
  • James Earl Jones: Detective Movan Duggan
  • Alan Ruck: Inspector Tenner
  • Sarah Doroff: Meghan “Meg” Perry
  • Kenneth McMillan: Horvath
  • David Arnott: Bank Teller
  • Lee Garlington: Constable Jane Karie
  • Bruce McGill: Charlie
  • Sy Richardson: Tucker
  • Rocky Giordani: Bowles
  • Stanley Brock: Release Sergent
  • Rick Hall: Dog Handler Billy
  • Brian Thompson: Second Thug
  • Jack McGee: Fisherman
  • Kathy Kinney: Receptionist
  • Larry Miller: Street Cop
  • Jeff Perry: Orderly #2
  • Dinah Lenney: Reporter #1
  • John Aylward: Second Cop
  • Tim De Zarn: First Cop
  • Rhoda Gemignani: Radio Announcer
  • Charles Noland: Bartender Dave
  • Albert Henderson: Man In Raincoat
  • Gary Armagnac: Cop #2
  • Dean Smith: Barry “Playboy” Jones
  • Mike MacDonald: Sergeant Snow
  • Michael Siegel: Cop #4


  • Director: Francis Veber
  • Producer: Lauren Shuler Donner
  • Writer: Francis Veber

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