Trail Of The Panda

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Trail Of The Panda (2009 Movie)

“Trail of the Panda” is a Chinese family drama film released in 2009. The movie tells the heartwarming story of a young boy named Lu (played by Daichi Harashima), who lives in the mountainous regions of China with his father and grandfather. Lu’s father is a poacher, but one day, he decides to stop hunting and protect the endangered giant pandas that live in the area.

During one of his father’s trips to deliver illegal animal parts, Lu discovers a panda cub whose mother has been killed. He decides to take care of the cub, whom he names Pang Pang, and raises it secretly. Lu and Pang Pang develop a strong bond, and they become inseparable companions in the wilderness.

However, as Pang Pang grows, Lu realizes that keeping a wild animal as a pet is not sustainable. He decides to return the panda to the wild, but doing so proves to be a challenging and dangerous task. Lu embarks on a journey to find a panda reserve where Pang Pang can be safe and live freely.

Along the way, Lu encounters various obstacles, and his determination and love for Pang Pang are put to the test. The film highlights themes of conservation, empathy, and the importance of protecting endangered species.

“Trail of the Panda” is known for its stunning cinematography that showcases the beautiful landscapes of the Chinese wilderness and the adorable portrayal of the pandas. The movie received positive reviews for its heartwarming story and the touching relationship between Lu and Pang Pang.

The film was released both in China and internationally, and it gained attention for its message about the conservation of pandas and the need to protect wildlife habitats. “Trail of the Panda” is a touching family film that appeals to audiences of all ages and raises awareness about the importance of preserving endangered species.

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