Treasure Of Matecumbe

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Treasure Of Matecumbe (1976 Movie)

“Treasure of Matecumbe” is a live-action adventure film released by Walt Disney Productions in 1976. The movie was directed by Vincent McEveety and based on the novel “A Journey to Matecumbe” by Robert Lewis Taylor.

The story is set in the late 1800s and follows two young orphaned brothers, Jack (played by Johnny Doran) and his older brother Ben (played by Billy ‘Pop’ Atmore). After the death of their father, the brothers embark on a journey to find their mother in the Florida Everglades, where she is rumored to have found work. On their journey, they meet a mysterious drifter named Jim (played by Peter Ustinov), who helps them navigate through the dangerous and treacherous landscapes of the Florida wilderness.

As they travel together, the group discovers a map that leads to hidden treasure. The treasure is rumored to be the lost fortune of the legendary pirate Jean Lafitte. Excited by the prospect of newfound wealth, they decide to follow the map and search for the hidden treasure.

Throughout the adventure, the trio faces various challenges and dangers, including natural obstacles, wild animals, and encounters with unscrupulous characters also interested in the treasure. The movie explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the value of family bonds.

“Treasure of Matecumbe” is an action-packed and heartwarming family film that combines elements of adventure and drama. It showcases the spirit of exploration and the thrill of searching for hidden treasures, making it an enjoyable and memorable Disney movie for audiences of all ages.

Additional Details


  • Johnny Doran: Davie
  • Billy “Pop” Atmore: Thad
  • Robert Foxworth: Uncle Jim
  • Joan Hackett: Lauriette Paxton
  • Sir Peter Ustinov: Dr. Ewing T. Snodgrass
  • Vic Morrow: Captain Spangler
  • Jane Wyatt: Aunt Effie
  • Virginia Vincent: Aunt Lou
  • Robert DoQui: Ben
  • Mills Watson: Catrell
  • Dub Taylor: Sheriff Forbes
  • Dick Van Patten: The Gambler
  • George Lindsey: Coahoma Sheriff
  • John Myhers: Captain Boomer
  • Logan Ramsey: Coley
  • Valentin de Vargas: Charlie
  • Jonathan Daly: Paxton Farrow
  • Warde Donovan: Sheriff Coffey
  • James Brodhead: Groom
  • John Steadman: Guide
  • Rex Holman: Informant
  • Clint Ritchie: Flatboat Leader
  • Ken Lenard: Customer
  • Brion James: Roustabout
  • John Hayes: Mule Driver
  • John C. Flinn III: Spangler’s Men
  • Louie Elias: Spangler’s Men
  • Richard Wright: Spangler’s Men
  • David S. Cass Sr.: Spangler’s Men


  • Director: Vincent McEveety
  • Producer: Bill Anderson and Ron Miller
  • Music: Buddy Baker

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