Two Much

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Two Much (Touchstone Movie)

“Two Much” is a romantic comedy film released in 1995, directed by Fernando Trueba. The movie stars Antonio Banderas as Art Dodge, a charming art dealer, and Melanie Griffith as Betty Kerner, a wealthy and attractive widow.

The story follows Art Dodge, a womanizer who has a reputation for dating multiple women at the same time. He meets Betty Kerner, a beautiful woman who is mourning the death of her wealthy husband. Unbeknownst to Art, Betty has a twin sister named Liz, who is also interested in him.

As Art gets to know Betty and Liz, he finds himself falling for both women. To complicate matters further, a detective named Dodge (played by Daryl Hannah) starts investigating Art for insurance fraud.

As the film progresses, Art must navigate the web of deceit he has woven and choose between the two women who have captured his heart. The story unfolds with a mix of misunderstandings, comedic situations, and romantic entanglements.

“Two Much” is a light-hearted and witty romantic comedy that explores themes of love, mistaken identity, and the consequences of deceit. Antonio Banderas delivers a charismatic performance as Art Dodge, and Melanie Griffith adds to the comedic charm with her portrayal of both Betty and Liz.

While “Two Much” received mixed reviews from critics, it remains a touchstone for fans of romantic comedies. The film’s playful approach to love and relationships, as well as its talented cast, make it an entertaining choice for those seeking a light-hearted and humorous romantic escapade.

Additional Details


  • Antonio Banderas: Art Dodge, “Bart Dodge”
  • Melanie Griffith: Betty Kerner
  • Daryl Hannah: Liz Kerner
  • Danny Aiello: Gene
  • Joan Cusack: Gloria
  • Eli Wallach: Sheldon Dodge
  • Gabino Diego: Mane
  • Austin Pendleton: Dr. Huffeyer
  • Allan Rich: Reverend Larrabee
  • Vincent Schiavelli: Sommelier
  • Phil Leeds: Lincoln Brigade
  • Sid Raymond: Lincoln Brigade


  • Director: Fernando Trueba
  • Producer: Cristina Huete and Andrés Vicente Gómez
  • Music: Michel Camilo

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