V.I. Warshawski

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V.I. Warshawski (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“V.I. Warshawski” is a crime thriller film released in 1991, directed by Jeff Kanew. The movie stars Kathleen Turner as Victoria “V.I.” Warshawski, a tough and independent private detective based on the character created by Sara Paretsky in her detective fiction novels.

The story follows V.I. Warshawski, a no-nonsense private investigator who becomes involved in a dangerous case after she is hired by a former football player named Boom-Boom Grafalk (played by Stephen Meadows) to find his missing daughter, Kat (played by Angela Goethals).

As V.I. delves into the investigation, she uncovers a web of corruption, political intrigue, and murder. Along the way, she crosses paths with various shady characters and faces personal danger as she gets closer to the truth.

The film combines elements of detective noir with action and adventure, as V.I. Warshawski navigates the dangerous world of crime to uncover the truth behind Kat’s disappearance.

“V.I. Warshawski” is known for Kathleen Turner’s strong and charismatic performance as the titular character, embodying the tough and resourceful nature of the iconic detective.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, but it has become a touchstone for fans of classic detective thrillers and those who appreciate a strong female protagonist in a male-dominated genre.

“V.I. Warshawski” serves as a touchstone for viewers seeking a compelling and action-packed detective story with a strong female lead, as well as a celebration of the enduring appeal of detective fiction in the world of cinema.

Additional Details


  • Kathleen Turner: V.I. Warshawski
  • Jay O. Sanders: Murray Ryerson
  • Charles Durning: Det. Lt. Bobby Mallory
  • Angela Goethals: Kat Grafalk
  • Nancy Paul: Paige Wilson Grafalk
  • Stephen Meadows: Bernard ‘Boom-Boom’ Grafalk
  • Stephen Root: Mickey
  • Wayne Knight: Smeissen


  • Director: Jeff Kanew
  • Producers: Penney Finkelman Cox and Jeffrie Lurie
  • Screenplay: Edward Taylor, David Aaron Cohen and Nick Thiel

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