What About Bob?

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What About Bob? (Touchstone Movie)

“What About Bob?” is a comedy film released in 1991, directed by Frank Oz. The movie stars Bill Murray as Bob Wiley, a neurotic and socially anxious man, and Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Leo Marvin, Bob’s uptight and egocentric psychiatrist.

The story follows Bob Wiley, a patient with a myriad of phobias and anxiety disorders who is struggling to cope with everyday life. In desperation, he seeks help from Dr. Leo Marvin, a renowned psychiatrist and author of a best-selling self-help book.

When Dr. Marvin goes on a month-long vacation, he reluctantly agrees to see Bob one last time before leaving. However, Bob becomes extremely attached to his new psychiatrist and starts to follow him to his vacation home in New Hampshire.

Once there, Bob’s unpredictable behavior disrupts Dr. Marvin’s plans for a relaxing vacation with his family. Bob’s persistence in seeking therapy and his ability to bond with Dr. Marvin’s family members create chaos and hilarity, driving the psychiatrist to the brink of madness.

As the film progresses, the roles of patient and doctor become comically inverted, with Bob showing signs of improvement and Dr. Marvin becoming increasingly unhinged.

“What About Bob?” is a witty and light-hearted comedy that explores themes of mental health, boundaries, and the complexities of the doctor-patient relationship. Bill Murray’s comedic genius shines through his portrayal of Bob Wiley, while Richard Dreyfuss provides the perfect foil as the exasperated and self-absorbed Dr. Marvin.

The film’s clever humor, memorable catchphrases (“I’m sailing!”), and amusing character dynamics have made it a beloved touchstone for fans of 1990s comedies. “What About Bob?” remains a classic comedy that offers a delightful and entertaining escape into the absurd and comedic world of Bob Wiley’s neurotic adventures.

Additional Details


  • Bill Murray: Bob Wiley
  • Richard Dreyfuss: Dr. Leo Marvin
  • Julie Hagerty: Fay Marvin
  • Charlie Korsmo: Sigmund “Siggy” Marvin
  • Kathryn Erbe: Anna Marvin
  • Tom Aldredge: Mr. Guttman
  • Susan Willis: Mrs. Guttman
  • Roger Bowen: Phil
  • Fran Brill: Lily Marvin-Wiley
  • Doris Belack: Dr. Catherine Tomsky


  • Director: Frank Oz
  • Producer: Laura Ziskin
  • Screenplay: Tom Schulman

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