You Again

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You Again (Touchstone Movie)

“You Again” is a comedy film released in 2010, directed by Andy Fickman. The movie stars Kristen Bell as Marni Olsen, Jamie Lee Curtis as Gail Olsen, Sigourney Weaver as Ramona Weaver, and Odette Annable as Joanna Clark.

The story follows Marni Olsen, a successful public relations executive who returns to her hometown for her brother’s wedding. However, she soon discovers that her brother is marrying her high school arch-nemesis, Joanna Clark, who made Marni’s life miserable during her school years.

Determined to put the past behind her, Marni tries to move on and be civil to Joanna. But as she gets involved in the wedding preparations, old wounds are reopened, and their rivalry reignites.

Marni’s mother, Gail, also finds herself in a similar situation when her high school rival, Ramona Weaver, shows up as Joanna’s aunt and joins the wedding celebrations.

The film explores themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and personal growth as Marni and her family navigate the complexities of their past and confront the lingering animosities.

“You Again” is known for its comedic situations, heartfelt moments, and the performances of the ensemble cast. Kristen Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis bring charm and relatability to their characters, while Sigourney Weaver adds a humorous touch to her role as the reformed mean girl.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, but it has become a touchstone for fans of feel-good comedies that explore the dynamics of family relationships and the power of letting go of grudges in favor of embracing compassion and understanding.

Additional Details


  • Kristen Bell: Marni Olivia Olsen
  • Jamie Lee Curtis: Gail Byer Olsen
  • Sigourney Weaver: Ramona “Mona” Clark
  • Odette Yustman: Joanna “J.J.” Clark
  • James Wolk: Will Olsen
  • Victor Garber: Mark Olsen
  • Betty White: Grandma Bunny Byer
  • Billy Unger: Ben Olsen
  • Kristin Chenoweth: Georgia King
  • Kyle Bornheimer: Timothy “Tim”
  • Sean Wing: Charlie Mason
  • Cloris Leachman: Helen Sullivan
  • Dwayne Johnson: Air Marshal
  • Christine Lakin: Taylor
  • Meagan Holder: Kendall
  • Patrick Duffy: Ritchie Phillips
  • Reginald VelJohnson: Mason Dunlevy
  • Staci Keanan: Dana
  • Daryl Hall: himself
  • John Oates: himself


  • Director: Andy Fickman
  • Producers: Andy Fickman, John Strauss and Eric Tannebaum
  • Writer: Moe Jelline

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