You Wish!

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You Wish! (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“You Wish!” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered in 2003. It tells the story of a young boy named Alex who is constantly at odds with his younger sister, Stevie. One day, they find an ancient coin that grants wishes, and they accidentally wish that they could switch places.

Their wish is granted, and Alex and Stevie find themselves living each other’s lives. Alex has to navigate the challenges of being a young girl, while Stevie has to adjust to being a boy. As they try to find a way to reverse the wish, they learn valuable lessons about the importance of empathy and understanding.

The movie stars AJ Trauth as Alex and Spencer Breslin as Stevie, along with several other actors, including Lalaine and Tim Reid. It features a lighthearted and humorous tone and a positive message about the importance of seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

“You Wish!” was well-received by audiences and is remembered as a classic Disney Channel movie from the early 2000s.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Type of Movie: Live Action
  • Movie Platform: Disney Channel Original Movie
  • IMDB Link


  • A.J. Trauth: Alex Lansing
  • Spencer Breslin: Stevie Lansing/Terrence Russell McCormack
  • Lalaine: Abby Ramirez
  • Tim Reid: Larry
  • Peter Feeney: Dave Lansing
  • Joshua Leys: Gary
  • Sally Stockwell: Pam Lansing
  • Ari Boyland: James Cooper
  • Emma Lahana: Fiona
  • Jay Bunyan: Charles
  • Jodie Rimmer: Zoe
  • Stephen Butterworth: Ronald


  • Director: Paul Hoen
  • Producer: Robert Florio

Movie Trailer:

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