Disney Channel Announces Exciting Return with ‘Wizards’ Sequel: Selena Gomez & David Henrie to Star and Produce

Published on 3/22/24 by Craig Smith

Wizards of Waverly PlaceDisney Channel is poised to enchant a new generation while welcoming back avid fans as it officially announces the launch of a sequel series to the beloved “Wizards of Waverly Place.”


The new installment, currently working under the title “Wizards,” is set to bring original stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie back to the screen, not only reprising their iconic roles but also stepping in as executive producers. Slated to start production in Los Angeles this April, the series eyes a debut later this year, promising magic and laughter on both Disney Channel and Disney+.


The creative minds behind the sequel, Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, known for their work on the Disney Channel comedy spinoff “Raven’s Home,” will lead the project’s writing and executive production. The story picks up with an adult Justin Russo (portrayed by Henrie), who has settled into a normal, non-magical life with his family. However, the tranquility is disrupted when his sister Alex (played by Gomez) arrives with a young wizard-in-training in need of guidance. Justin finds himself compelled to balance his day-to-day life with his duties as a mentor, all while protecting the magical realm’s future.


Ayo Davis, the president of Disney Branded Television, expressed excitement about the sequel, highlighting the original series’ role in creating “unforgettable memories” for families and kids around the globe. The new series aims to recapture the magic and adventure that made “Wizards of Waverly Place” a household name, extending an invitation to both long-standing fans and newcomers to join in the enchantment.


In addition to Elinoff and Thomas, Gary Marsh joins the team as an executive producer, bringing his extensive experience as a former Disney Channels creative executive who played a pivotal role in the success of the original series and Gomez’s casting. Andy Fickman, who directed and executive produced the pilot, is also on board to direct multiple episodes, ensuring the sequel maintains the charm and whimsy that fans fell in love with.


As “Wizards” prepares to weave its magic, the anticipation builds for a series that promises to blend nostalgia with new adventures, ushering in a magical era for Disney Channel viewers around the world.