Disney Partners with Nokia to Promote Movies in Virtual Reality

Published on 4/25/16 by Craig Smith

Disney and Nokia announced today that they will be partnering to bring virtual reality(VR) to movie promotion according to tech blog VentureBeat.

Never one to shy away from the latest digital trends, Disney recognizes that VR is extremely hot this year with industry heavyweights like Facebook, Samsung, HTC and Google investing heavily in the technology and hardware. Nokia, more known for their cell phone products a decade ago, have pivot in recent years and are becoming a strong player on the virtual reality camera industry.

Disney is already integrating VR into a portion of their promotion of “The Jungle Book.” It will be interesting to see how this new partnership will enhance their capabilities and which movies will get the VR treatment first. Here’s hoping things are full steam ahead before the late Fall promotional push of Rogue One!