Disneyland Christmas Tree to be Lit on Facebook Live This Friday

Published on 11/16/17 by Craig Smith

As part of their continual effort to bring a little piece of the Disney Parks experience to your living room, Disney has announced that the Disneyland Park Main Street Christmas Tree lighting will be streamed live on Facebook Live this Friday, November 17th at 5pm PST. The Disneyland Christmas Tree lighting live stream will be posted to the Disneyland Resort Facebook page.

Disneyland Christmas Tree facebook live stream

Image courtesy Disney Parks

There is a bit of a twist to the tree lighting this year. Disney says, they will be using engagement on the Facebook Live stream (likes, reactions, shares, etc) to help light the tree up. Having been part of this type of digital marketing campaign in my day job, it is usually based on gross total of engagement rather than type of engagement or sentiment. Given the engagement Disney usually gets on their Facebook posts, I don’t think they’ll have too much trouble getting the tree lit this year.

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