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Brand New Life show

“Brand New Life” is a live-action television series that aired on NBC from September 21, 1989, to November 2, 1989. The show was created by Jeffrey Lewis and starred Barbara Eden as Alyssa Callaway.

The series follows the story of Alyssa, a widow and single mother, who is struggling to make ends meet and raise her teenage son, Brian (played by Don Murray Jr.). One day, a mysterious stranger, Wallace (played by John Randolph), enters their lives and claims to be the guardian angel of Alyssa’s late husband. Wallace offers Alyssa and Brian a chance to start fresh with a new life and newfound wealth.

In a magical twist, Wallace transports Alyssa and Brian to a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, where they experience a life of luxury and privilege. The show explores their adjustment to this new lifestyle, the challenges of navigating the world of wealth and excess, and the lessons they learn along the way.

As Alyssa and Brian try to adapt to their brand new life, they encounter various humorous and heartwarming situations, all while cherishing the memory of their lost loved one.

Despite the intriguing premise and the casting of Barbara Eden, who was well-known for her role as Jeannie in the 1960s TV series “I Dream of Jeannie,” “Brand New Life” faced tough competition in its time slot and was ultimately canceled after only seven episodes.

While “Brand New Life” had a short run, it remains a notable part of television history, and Barbara Eden’s performance added to the charm of the series. Fans of Barbara Eden and those interested in the concept of sudden life transformations may still find “Brand New Life” worth watching as a fun and nostalgic piece of 1980s television.

Additional Details:

  • Year of Debut: 1989
  • Year of Finale: 1990
  • Type of Series: Live-Action
  • TV Channel/Platform: NBC
  • IMDB Link


  • Barbara Eden: Mrs. Barbara McCray Gibbons
  • Don Murray: Mr. Roger Gibbons
  • Shawnee Smith: Amanda Gibbons
  • Byron Thames: Laird Gibbons
  • Jennie Garth: Ericka McCray
  • Alison Sweeney: Christy McCray
  • David Tom: Bart McCray
  • Eric Foster: Barlow Gibbons


  • Creator: Chris Carter
  • Director: Eric Laneuville, Steve Robman and Don Weis

Show Trailer:

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