Secrets of the Octopus

Last Updated on: March 21st, 2024

Secrets of the Octopus disney plusSecrets of the Octopus  is a fascinating TV mini-series that delves into the extraordinary lives of octopuses, showcasing their alien-like qualities such as having three hearts, blue blood, and the capability to squeeze through spaces as small as their eyeballs.

However, the series promises to reveal even more astonishing secrets about these creatures. It is presented by wildlife scientist Dr. Alexandra Schnell and narrated by actor Paul Rudd.

The documentary is part of National Geographic’s Emmy-winning “Secrets Of…” franchise, with James Cameron and Maria Wilhelm serving as executive producers among others.

This series aims to uncover the secret lives of one of the most mysterious and alien-like animals on our planet​​​​.



Additional Details:


  • Narrators: Alex Schnell and Paul Rudd


  • Producers: Sarah Beard, Colette Beaudry, James Cameron, Pamela Caragol, Sophy Crane, Adam Geiger, Anwar Mamon, Annabel Robinson and Maria Wilhelm
  • Music: Rafael May

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