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“Shook” is a live-action Disney Channel Original Series that premiered on Disney Channel in 2021. The series is a mix of drama, music, and dance genres, and it is targeted at tween and teen audiences.

The story revolves around Mia Brooks, a talented dancer and social media influencer, who becomes an overnight sensation after a video of her dancing goes viral. As Mia navigates her newfound fame, she faces the challenges and pressures that come with being in the spotlight. She must balance her passion for dance, her friendships, and her family life while dealing with the expectations and scrutiny of her growing online following.

As Mia’s popularity rises, she must confront issues related to authenticity, identity, and staying true to herself amidst the demands of social media. The show explores themes of self-discovery, pursuing one’s dreams, and the impact of social media on young people’s lives.

“Shook” highlights the ups and downs of being a social media influencer and the importance of maintaining genuine connections with friends and loved ones. It also emphasizes the value of pursuing one’s passions and embracing individuality.

The series incorporates dance performances and original music numbers, adding an engaging and entertaining element for viewers who enjoy music and dance. It features a diverse cast of young talent, making it relatable and inclusive for its target audience.

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Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass (“Paddleton,” “Wild Wild Country,” “Room 104”) are the executive producers. The series was written by Jonathan Hurwitz (“Andi Mack”). Hannah Peterson (“East of the River”) is the director, and Alexis Beauregard (“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood”) is the choreographer. Filmed in and around Los Angeles, the series is a production of DBP Donut.

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