Asajj Ventress 

Last Updated on: June 10th, 2024

Asajj Ventress  star warsWho is Asajj Ventress?

Asajj Ventress is a fictional character from the Star Wars franchise. She is a female Dathomirian and a former Sith apprentice who appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, as well as some other Star Wars media. She was trained by Count Dooku and became a powerful warrior and skilled duelist. She also served as a bounty hunter and an assassin before turning against the Sith. She is known for her skill with a lightsaber, her mastery of the dark side of the Force, and her cunning and resourcefulness. She is a complex character who struggles with her own identity and loyalty, and eventually turns against the Sith and joins the Nightsisters, a group of powerful Force-using women. She is voiced by actress Nika Futterman in the series.

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