Grizzly River Run (Disneyland)

Grizzly River Run (Disneyland)

Grizzly River Run Description:

Buckle up for an exciting free-floating river ride up, down and through Grizzly Peak. The Grizzly River Rafting Company has converted a former mining operation into a one-stop destination for thrill-seeking rafters—and you’re invited to join in the excitement.

Meander along a tranquil path brimming with towering pine trees and pass a series of age-old cliffs that reveal the fossilized remains of some of California’s Ice Age inhabitants. In the distance, a massive muzzle and snout that is the mountain’s summit comes into view: Grizzly Peak. Proceed over a rocky bridge flanked by a rushing waterfall and make your way inside a timber structure—the debarkation point for your wild river ride.

Adventure Awaits! 
Hop inside a circular 8-person raft and drift along a lazy river, passing the rusty remnants of an old mining company. Rumble along a 275-foot-long conveyor belt as you begin your gradual ascent up the mountain, taking in scenic views of the surrounding area. At the top, splash down amid a foaming spring and then brace yourself for a treacherous descent down Grizzly River.

Bob up and down and gently spin almost out of control amid the raging current. Sail through a craggy mountain cavern and weave back and forth inside a howling mine shaft, as waves curl up and over the side of the raft. Forge ahead through a wooden sluice channel built by miners a century ago, and be engulfed by a massive water eruption as you plummet down what seems like a perilous bedrock slope. Ease your way back to base camp, but not before navigating waters overrun with gushing geysers.

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