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Jake’s Never Land Shapes and Patterns Mobile App

Last Updated on: February 11th, 2019

Jake’s Never Land Shapes and Patterns Mobile App

In Jake’s Never Land Shapes and Patterns, it’s a starry night on Pirate Island, and Jake, Izzy, and Cubby are going on a treasure hunt with their new friend, Brightly the firefly. But uh-oh! Captain Hook has overheard their plans and wants to get to the treasure first. It’s up to you to help Jake and the Never Land Pirates think fast and find the spots on Cubby’s map.

Jake’s Never Land Shapes and Patterns Mobile App Features:

  • Three leveled curriculum activities support shape and pattern identification as well as pattern extension:
    •  Shadow Puppets: Drag and drop matching shapes onto Circle Rock.
    • Rolling Hills: Help the crew make a path by completing patterns.
    • Lightning Bugs: Spot and trace shapes in the Cave of the Twilight Treasure.
  • Pirate puppets! Trade the gold doubloons you earn in the shape games for fun pirate attire, record a silly pirate phrase, and watch as your puppet dances to lively tunes!
  • Two modes of play: Choose Twilight Treasure Hunt to experience the activities weaved into the story, OR, select Jake’s Shape Games to go straight to shapes and patterns practice.
  • Delightful animation and interactive surprises throughout the app.
  • Character voices from the show, engaging narration, and exciting music and sound effects.

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