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Read with Doc: Letters and Sounds Mobile App

Last Updated on: December 31st, 2018

Read with Doc: Letters and Sounds Mobile App

Learning all about letters and sounds has never been more fun! Now, with hundreds of little lessons to learn, you can read and play along with Doc and friends as you explore 5 fun-filled worlds of letters and sounds to practice these early reading skills:

  1. Trace and match upper- and lowercase letters with Bubble Monkey!
  2. Name and recognize letters and letter sounds with Bronty and his magical blocks!
  3. Search and find as you listen and match rhymes!
  4. Create your own syllable symphony with Millie and Doc!
  5. Help Stuffy hear beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words!

Read with Doc: Letters and Sounds App Features:

  • Includes 5 unique game experiences in 1 app!
  • Developed with literacy expert consultation.
  • Engaging and familiar Disney animation and favorite characters from Doc McStuffins help make reading even more fun and memorable!
  • Each game experience focuses on practicing different early reading skills:
    • Recognize, form, and match letter names and letter forms
    • Recognize and identify beginning consonant and middle vowel sounds
    • Recognize and match rhyming and alliterative words
    • Count and blend syllables
    • Recognize the units of sound awareness
  • Animated narrative videos with Doc McStuffins and friends in each game!
  • Each game progresses through multiple levels of reading skills!

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