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Boneyard (Disney World)
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The Boneyard is an interactive play area located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It is a unique attraction that provides children with an opportunity to explore and play in a dinosaur-themed archaeological dig site.

The Boneyard is designed to resemble a paleontological dig site, complete with fossils, dinosaur bones, and excavation equipment. Aspiring young paleontologists can engage in hands-on activities like digging for dinosaur bones in the sand and brushing off dirt to uncover fossils.

The play area features tunnels, slides, climbing structures, and bridges, allowing kids to explore and have fun while pretending to be archaeologists searching for dinosaur remains. The Boneyard provides a safe and entertaining space for children to burn off some energy and indulge their curiosity and imagination.

Parents and guardians can relax on nearby shaded benches while keeping an eye on their little ones as they play. It’s a great spot for families to take a break from the park’s attractions and enjoy some downtime together.

The Boneyard is located in DinoLand U.S.A. within Disney’s Animal Kingdom, making it a natural fit with the park’s overall theme of celebrating the wonders of nature, wildlife, and prehistoric creatures.

Boneyard | Disney World

Fun Facts

  • The Boneyard is a popular play area and attraction located within Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in DinoLand U.S.A.
  • It is designed to resemble a paleontological dig site, allowing children to experience the thrill of digging for dinosaur fossils.
  • Within the Boneyard, you’ll find a variety of hands-on activities, including digging for dinosaur bones, exploring a multi-level maze, and uncovering hidden surprises.
  • The play area also features a giant dinosaur skeleton known as “Aladar,” providing an exciting backdrop for photo opportunities.
  • Parents can relax in shaded seating areas while their children enjoy the interactive and educational experiences offered in the Boneyard.

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