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Last Updated on: March 26th, 2024

On Donald’s Boat, step inside for a whimsical self-guided tour of the sailing vessel named after Donald’s sweetheart.

Donald’s Boat is where everybody’s favorite duck lives in Toontown. Make your way onboard this ship docked on Toon Lake and discover a bunch of “quacky” things for little ones to see and do.

Below deck, check out Donald’s favorite photos, his sea-worthy rain gear and where he sleeps. Climb a spiral staircase to a higher landing and spin the Captain’s Wheel, ring the boat bell or pull the ship’s whistle to trigger water spouts on deck. Offering panoramic views of Mickey’s Toontown at the top, Donald’s boat may make you never want to be a landlubber again!

Fun Facts

  • Donald’s Boat, also known as the S.S. Miss Daisy, is located in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park. This attraction is themed around the classic Disney character Donald Duck.
  • The boat is designed as a colorful, interactive play area for children. It resembles a cartoon-style houseboat, complete with water features like a “leaky” faucet and a ship’s bell, providing a fun and engaging experience for young guests.
  • Donald’s Boat features various interactive elements, including buttons and levers that children can manipulate, simulating the experience of being on a real boat but in a safe and playful environment.
  • The design and decor of the boat include references to Donald Duck and nautical themes, filled with whimsical details that encourage exploration and discovery.
  • Being part of Mickey’s Toontown, Donald’s Boat is situated near other character-themed attractions, making this area a popular spot for families and fans of classic Disney cartoons.

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