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Last Updated on: March 26th, 2024

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The Red Car Trolley is a charming and nostalgic mode of transportation and entertainment located within Disney California Adventure Park, part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. This whimsical attraction is designed to evoke the bygone era of the Pacific Electric Red Car system that once served Southern California, and it adds an extra layer of magic and storytelling to the park’s Buena Vista Street.

The Red Car Trolley features two beautiful, vintage-style trolleys: Car 623 and Car 717. These meticulously designed vehicles are inspired by the classic streetcars of the 1920s and are painted in a vibrant red color, complete with polished brass accents and wooden interiors. They capture the essence of the Golden Age of Hollywood and the glamour of Los Angeles in its early years.

The Red Car Trolley operates as both a mode of transportation and a form of live entertainment. It follows a route along Buena Vista Street, allowing guests to hop on and off at designated stops. The trolleys are not only a practical means of getting around the park but also provide an enjoyable way to take in the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the Buena Vista Street area.

What sets the Red Car Trolley apart is its lively and talented Red Car News Boys show, which takes place onboard one of the trolleys. The show features a group of energetic News Boys who sing, dance, and perform classic Disney and period-appropriate songs, adding a touch of live entertainment and nostalgia to the trolley experience.

The Red Car Trolley and its News Boys show pay homage to Walt Disney’s early years in California, where he started his animation studio and created the beloved Disney characters. The trolleys and their performances create a delightful atmosphere that immerses guests in the magic of Disney storytelling and the charm of vintage Los Angeles.

Whether you’re using it as a convenient means of getting around Disney California Adventure Park or simply enjoying the Red Car News Boys’ lively performances, the Red Car Trolley offers a delightful and nostalgic experience that captures the essence of Disney’s commitment to storytelling and creating memorable moments for park visitors.

Fun Facts

  • The Red Car Trolley is a charming and nostalgic transportation attraction located at Disney California Adventure Park.
  • It made its debut on June 15, 2012, as part of the expansion of Buena Vista Street, which was designed to resemble 1920s Los Angeles when Walt Disney arrived in California.
  • The Red Car Trolley takes its inspiration from the historic Pacific Electric Red Cars that once crisscrossed Los Angeles and provided transportation to its residents and visitors.
  • Guests can hop on board the Red Car Trolley and enjoy a leisurely ride down Buena Vista Street, with stops at Carthay Circle and the Hollywood Land area, offering a scenic tour of the park’s themed areas.
  • The Red Car Trolley adds to the immersive atmosphere of Buena Vista Street and provides both transportation and entertainment for park visitors, allowing them to experience the charm of vintage Los Angeles.

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