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Last Updated on: March 26th, 2024

Space Station X-1 was a former attraction at Disneyland in California. It operated from 1955 to 1960 and was located in Tomorrowland.

Space Station X-1 was an interactive exhibit that allowed guests to experience the sensation of being in space. It featured a simulated space station environment where visitors could explore and learn about space travel.

Guests would enter the attraction and walk through a series of futuristic space-themed rooms, complete with control panels, displays, and mock-up spacecraft. The exhibit aimed to provide an educational and immersive experience, giving guests a glimpse into the world of space exploration.

Space Station X-1 showcased the fascination with space and the excitement surrounding the Space Age during the mid-20th century. It allowed guests to envision what it might be like to travel and live in outer space.

However, in 1960, Space Station X-1 closed, and the area was transformed into a new attraction called “Tomorrowland World Clock.” Since then, Disneyland has continued to introduce new attractions and experiences related to space and futuristic themes.

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