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Last Updated on: February 7th, 2023

In my latest Disney stat post, I take a look at some ESPN statistics and facts. I hope you enjoy!

For many of us sports fans 40 and under, ESPN has played a pretty significant role for most of our lives. We all raced home to watch SportsCenter for the evening’s sports news, later on we hopped onto to get more timely news and now we just open an app and get real time updates. No matter what the format, ESPN has been delivering us our breaking sports news ever since an entrepreneur in a small town in Connecticut took a chance on broadcasting sports on a new cable TV format in 1979.

I recently sat down to find out more about ESPN’s media empire. Here are the more interesting ESPN statistics and facts I was able to dig up. As always, I will be adding more and updating these periodically as I find new stuff. Be sure to check back regularly.

Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these facts about ESPN come from their own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. No information contained on should be relied upon to make investment decisions. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100%

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ESPN Facts

  • ESPN website:
  • Year ESPN launched: 1979
  • Date or ESPN’s first broadcast: September 7, 1979
  • Percentage of ESPN that Disney owns: 80%
  • ESPN’s other owner: Hearst Corporation (20%)
  • ESPN Headquarters: Bristol, CT
  • ESPN Creators: Bill Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen and Ed Egan
  • What does ESPN stand for?

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

  • What is ESPN?

ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports. The leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company features the broadest portfolio of sports assets with over 50 business entities. (source)

ESPN Statistics

How man people watch ESPN?

140 million subscribers (domestic & international)

Last updated FY 2021

Number of ESPN+ subscribers:

17 million subscribers

Last updated 10/2/21

Monthly ESPN podcast listeners:

39.3 million monthly listeners

Last updated October 2018

Average monthly ESPN digital users:

161.6 million unique users

Last updated January 2021

Percentage of ESPN digital users that access it via mobile devices:


Last updated 2/6/18

Average number of people in the US that ESPN reaches:

208 million

Last updated 12/14/17

How many countries does ESPN reach?

over 60

Last updated 10/1/16

Number of languages ESPN is available in:


Last updated 10/1/16

Number of business entities owned by ESPN:

over 50

Last updated 6/17/17

Percentage of ESPN revenue that comes from subscriber fees:


Last updated 12/7/17

In 2016, ESPN produced more than 64,000 hours of live event/studio programming across platforms.

Number of ESPN2 subscribers:

76 million subscribers

Last updated FY 2021

Number of ESPNU subscribers:

51 million subscribers

Last updated FY 2021

Number of ESPNEWS subscribers:

59 million subscribers

Last updated FY 2021

Number of SEC Network subscribers:

55 million subscribers

Last updated FY 2021

Number of ACC Network subscribers:

42 million subscribers

Last updated FY 2021

Number of ESPN online content viewers:

117 million monthly users

Last updated 12/14/17

Number of times ESPN digital content was visited in 2016:

more than 10 billion

Amount of time visitors spent with ESPN digital content in 2016:

84.3 billion minutes

Average number of monthly visitors to ESPN apps:

20 million monthly unique visitors

Last updated October 2018

Amount of time visitors spend on ESPN mobile apps monthly:

2.4 billion minutes

Last updated October 2018

How many people use the ESPN Fantasy App?

9.8 million unique users

Last updated October 2018

Percentage of ESPN digital streaming that is from millennials:


Last updated 12/7/17

Number of worldwide ESPN video views in 2017:

1.41 billion

ESPN’s share of the US sports mobile app usage market:


Last updated 2/13/17

Number of FiveThirtyEight content viewers:

20.9 million monthly unique visitors

Last updated 12/22/16

Number of ESPN monthly mobile video views:

195 million views

Last updated 12/22/16

Amount of ESPN digital video clips watched in 2016:

4.9 billion

Amount of ESPN digital video clips watched on phones in 2016:

1.7 billion

Average number of monthly ESPN streaming content viewers:

8.3 million unique monthly viewers

Last updated 2/13/17

Amount of time viewers spent streaming ESPN content in 2016:

22.5 billion minutes

Average monthly amount of time visitors spend on ESPN digital content:

9.3 million minutes

Last updated 12/22/16

Estimated number of subscribers for international ESPN channels:

127 million

Last updated 10/3/15

Number of domestic channels ESPN operates:

8 (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS, SEC Network, ESPN Classic, Longhorn Network and ESPN Deportes)

Last updated 10/1/16

Number of television networks outside the US that are owned by ESPN:


Last updated 10/1/16

How many people use WatchESPN?

9.6 million unique devices per month

Last updated 12/14/17

Average amount of time spent on WatchESPN per month:

2.1 billion minutes per month

Last updated 12/14/17

Average number of monthly users of ESPN apps:

30.6 million unique visitors

Last updated 12/22/16

Amount of time users spend on ESPN apps monthly:

4.7 million minutes per month

Last updated 12/22/16

Amount of time viewers spent watching ESPN content across all platforms in November 2016:

2.5 billion minutes

Most streamed ESPN NBA Christmas game ever:

Cavaliers/Warriors 2016

14.8 million total minutes, 359,000 unique viewers, average minute audience of 87,000

Last updated 12/26/16

Number of terrestrial radio stations that carry ESPN Radio programming:

more than 500

ESPN’s ownership share of CTV Specialty Television Inc:

30% (Parent company of: The Sports Networks (TSN) 1-5, Le Réseau des Sports (RDS), RDS2, RDS Info, ESPN Classic Canada, Discovery Canada and Animal Planet Canada)

Last updated 10/1/16

Number of ESPN employees:

8,000 worldwide

Last updated 6/17/17

Number of ESPN employees that work in Bristol, Conn:


Last updated 6/17/17

Size of ESPN’s Bristol, Conn headquarters:

1.2 million sq ft in 18 buildings on 123 acres

Last updated 6/17/17

When did SportsCenter debut:

September 7, 1979

Average number of monthly SportsCenter Viewers:

115 million monthly viewers

Last updated 6/17/17

Year ESPN Radio launched:


Amount of talk and event content ESPN Radio provides annually:

9,000 hours

Last updated 6/17/17

Average number of weekly ESPN Radio listeners:

22.3 million listeners

Last updated 3/28/19

ESPN The Magazine’s combined digital and print reach:

105 million

Last updated 6/17/17

Number of brackets in the 2018 ESPN Tournament Challenge:

17.3 million

Number of brackets in the 2021 ESPN Tournament Challenge:

16.2 million

Number of live events covered by ESPN+ in 2021:

22,000 events

Number of ESPN podcast downloads in 2020:

500 million downloads

When did each ESPN channel launch?

  • ESPN: 1979
  • ESPN2: 1993
  • ESPNEWS: 1996
  • ESPN Classic: 1997
  • ESPN HD: 2003
  • ESPN Deportes: 2004
  • ESPN2 HD: 2005
  • ESPNU: 2005
  • ESPNEWS HD: 2008
  • ESPNU HD: 2008
  • ESPN Deportes HD: 2011
  • Longhorn Network: 2011
  • SEC Network: 2014

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