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Johann Schmidt Red SkullWho is Johann Schmidt / Red Skull?

Johann Schmidt, also known as the Red Skull, is one of the most notorious and iconic villains in Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He was created by writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby and first appeared in “Captain America Comics” #7 in 1941.

In the comics, Johann Schmidt was originally a young German orphan who grew up to become one of Adolf Hitler’s most trusted lieutenants during World War II. He underwent an experimental procedure that transformed him into the Red Skull, a physically and intellectually enhanced individual with a grotesque red skull-like face. As the Red Skull, he becomes the embodiment of Nazi terror and seeks to establish a fascist regime to rule the world.

The Red Skull is a master strategist, highly skilled in combat, and an expert manipulator. He is known for his fanatical dedication to the principles of Nazi ideology and his relentless pursuit of power and dominance.

Throughout the comics, the Red Skull is one of Captain America’s archenemies, engaging in numerous battles with the Sentinel of Liberty. He represents the embodiment of evil and serves as a potent symbol of hatred and tyranny.

In the MCU, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull is portrayed by actor Hugo Weaving in “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011). In the film, Schmidt is the leader of HYDRA, a secret science division of the Nazi Party. He comes into contact with the Tesseract, an Infinity Stone, which enhances his abilities and leads to the disfigurement of his face, resembling a red skull.

As the Red Skull, Schmidt seeks to harness the power of the Tesseract to conquer the world. He becomes a primary adversary for Captain America, fighting against the hero in a battle of ideals and values during World War II.

The character’s presence in the MCU extends beyond “Captain America: The First Avenger.” In “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) and “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), the Red Skull reappears in a different role, serving as the keeper of the Soul Stone on the planet Vormir.

Red Skull’s character serves as a powerful reminder of the dark side of humanity and the dangers of fanaticism and extremism. His villainous legacy endures both in the comics and the MCU, leaving a lasting impact on the heroes and the overarching narrative of the Marvel Universe.

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