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“Aquamania” is a Walt Disney animated short film released in 1961. It is a part of the “Goofy” series of cartoons, which feature the popular Disney character Goofy in various comedic situations.

Aquamania goofy disney short

In “Aquamania,” Goofy takes on the role of a narrator and presents a humorous documentary-style exploration of water-related sports and activities. The cartoon showcases Goofy’s signature slapstick humor as he demonstrates and explains various water sports, such as water skiing, diving, and boating, often with comical and disastrous results.

“Aquamania” is known for its lighthearted and entertaining approach to showcasing the joys and challenges of water-based recreation. The film combines live-action footage with animated sequences, blending educational elements with Goofy’s characteristic bumbling and comedic style.

As with other entries in the “Goofy” series, “Aquamania” has become a nostalgic favorite among Disney fans. It captures the essence of Goofy’s lovable and accident-prone personality, providing a fun and entertaining viewing experience.

Fun Facts

  • “Aquamania” is a 1961 Disney animated short film. It is a comedy that features Goofy as a character named George Geef, who embarks on a fishing trip with his son, Junior. The film humorously depicts their fishing misadventures.
  • The short film is known for its slapstick humor and exaggerated fishing gags. It provides a humorous take on the challenges and mishaps that can occur during a day of fishing, making it a lighthearted and entertaining watch for audiences of all ages.
  • “Aquamania” was part of Disney’s series of Goofy cartoons, which often featured Goofy in various comical situations. These cartoons were popular for their physical humor and Goofy’s endearing but clumsy personality.

Additional Details


  • Pinto Colvig: Goofy
  • Kevin Corcoran: Goofy Jr.
  • John Dehner: Narrator


  • Director: Wolfgang Reitherman
  • Writers: Vance Gerry and Ralph Wright
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Music: Buddy Baker

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