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Disenchanted disney plus

“Disenchanted” is a fantasy-musical film presented by Walt Disney Pictures, serving as the sequel to the 2007 film “Enchanted.” This sequel was released on November 18, 2022, on Disney+ and continues the whimsical narrative of the original movie, enriching it with a musical essence that complements the fantasy theme​​.

The story picks up 15 years after Giselle (played by Amy Adams) and Robert (portrayed by Patrick Dempsey) have tied the knot. However, Giselle finds herself disillusioned with the bustling life in the city, prompting the couple to move their growing family to the quaint suburban community of Monroeville in hopes of rediscovering a more fairy-tale-like existence​​.

As Giselle grapples with her sense of happiness, her actions inadvertently bring about a whirlwind of magical events that affect both the real world and the enchanted realm of Andalasia. This narrative arc is both comedic and touching, exploring the characters’ pursuits of happiness and the magical yet challenging twists that come their way. The magic of Andalasia becomes a pivotal element in the storyline, especially when Giselle seeks its help, leading to the transformation of their town into a real-life fairy tale, further intertwining the real and magical worlds​​.

Directed and written by Adam Shankman, “Disenchanted” carries forward the heartwarming and humorous spirit of “Enchanted,” offering a blend of comedy, family dynamics, fantasy, and musical theatrics. The film’s genre encompasses Comedy, Family, Fantasy, and Musical, providing a delightful and entertaining experience for viewers of all ages.

Disenchanted disney plus

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  • Director: Adam Shankman
  • Writers: Rita Hsiao, Bill Kelly, Jessie Nelson, J.David Stem and David Weiss.

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