Goofy Gymnastics

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

“Goofy Gymnastics” is a Walt Disney animated short film released in 1949. It is part of the “Goofy” series of cartoons, which feature the popular Disney character Goofy in various comedic and instructional situations.

In “Goofy Gymnastics,” Goofy takes on the role of an enthusiastic and somewhat inept gymnasium attendee. The cartoon humorously demonstrates various gymnastics exercises and techniques, often with Goofy struggling and encountering comedic mishaps along the way. The film combines physical comedy with instructional elements to both entertain and educate viewers about the world of gymnastics.

Goofy Gymnastics disney short“Goofy Gymnastics” is known for its slapstick humor and the way it highlights Goofy’s characteristic clumsiness and good-natured perseverance. The short showcases Goofy’s attempts at parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, and other gymnastics apparatuses, providing a mix of physical comedy and a lighthearted take on the sport.

As with other entries in the “Goofy” series, “Goofy Gymnastics” has become a beloved cartoon among Disney fans. It exemplifies Goofy’s endearing personality and offers an entertaining look into the world of gymnastics through a comedic lens.

Additional Details


  • Goofy: Pinto Colvig
  • Narrator: John McLeish


  • Director: Jack Kinney
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Music: Oliver Wallace

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