Disney Jumps on the Escape Room Trend

Published on 4/3/16 by Craig Smith

disney escape room

Image courtesy Disney

One of today’s hottest team-building activities is escape room challenges. If you aren’t familiar, in escape room challenges, teams are locked in a room and cannot get out without solving a number of hidden clues that ultimately reveal where the room key is. The challenge is usually timed and larger teams usually are split in two and compete against each other.

My company did one of these escape room challenges in Boston last summer and it was, by far, the best team-building activity I have been involved with in my career.

Disney Meetings, the corporate meeting arm of the Walt Disney Company, has jumped on the escape room trend with “The Escape Challenge.” Disney’s take on the escape room includes amazing room and prop design and a multi-room element.

By the looks of the video below, Disney has taken a great idea and stepped it up about 10 notches in a way only Disney can.

Have a look…

More details about Disney’s “The Escape Challenge” can be found here.

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