Disney Makes $2.5 Million Donation to Irma Recovery

Published on 9/13/17 by Craig Smith

Disney announced last night that they will be donating $2.5 million to hurricane Irma relief efforts. The donation will help fund response and recovery efforts of the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Save the Children and other non profits. Disney will also be offering a dollar for dollar matching donation by the Disney Employee Matching Gifts: A Program of The Walt Disney Company Foundation program for Disney employee donations to qualified organizations involved in the Irma relief effort.

“As millions of people now face the daunting challenge of putting their lives and communities back together in the wake of these historic hurricanes, they need our help,” said Bob Iger, Disney Chairman and CEO. “We’re donating $2.5 million to support relief and recovery efforts in response to Hurricane Irma. This is in addition to nearly $16 million we raised after Hurricane Harvey to help ensure storm victims have the support needed to recover and rebuild.”

Of course, this comes as Disney is conducting their own massive Irma cleanup effort. Walt Disney World Resort saw the eye of Irma pass over it almost directly Sunday night and the various resort properties sustained pretty significant tree and flooding damage. The parks were opened yesterday, after an amazing turnaround, but there is still quite a bit of damage to clean up.

If you’d like to make a donation to the American Red Cross for hurricane Irma relief, please visit this site.