Disneyland’s Autopia Going Green

Published on 4/2/24 by Craig Smith

According to the LA Times, Disneyland’s beloved Autopia attraction in Tomorrowland is steering towards a greener future by transitioning from gasoline to electric vehicles.


This move aligns with the park’s environmental goals and responds to growing demands for sustainable alternatives.


Jessica Good, a Disneyland spokesperson, shared plans to electrify Autopia cars in the coming years, a project inspired by the ride’s historical appeal since its 1955 debut and the automotive industry’s shift towards cleaner energy.


Disney Legend Bob Gurr, an original Autopia designer, supports the change, envisioning a Tomorrowland free of gasoline fumes and filled with the futuristic sounds of electric motion.


The future of Autopia’s sponsorship, currently by Honda, known for their EV and hybrid models, remains open.