Star Wars: The Force Awakens Now Available on Starz

Published on 9/11/16 by Craig Smith

star wars force awakens starz dvdWith all the Star Wars movie news focused on Rogue One lately, something pretty significant happened yesterday the pretty much flew under the radar. I was pleasantly surprised to find Star Wars: The Force Awakens available last night on Starz while I was channel-surfing.

Starz has been the pay-TV home for Disney-owned movies and franchises for a few years now (which will change going forward due to the Disney/Netflix deal) and apparently has the US pay-TV rights to Star Wars: The Force Awakens since it was released in 2015 (Netflix has exclusivity for movies released in 2016-on).

The Force Awakens was also available to me for on demand viewing and download via the Xfinity TV app (my cable provider).

Starz has Star Wars: The Force Awakens showing on multiple channels multiple times a day this weekend. Check your specific cable provider’s listings to find out if it is available to you and for show times.