RIP Disney Infinity Games and Toys

Last Updated on: October 15th, 2023

Disney announced today to investors and on their Interactive Blog, that they will be ending the Disney Infinity line of games and toys.

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In 2013, Disney Interactive Studios introduced a groundbreaking concept that would forever change the landscape of interactive toys and video games. Disney Infinity, a unique hybrid of physical toys and a digital gaming platform, allowed players to bring their favorite Disney characters to life and create their own adventures in a virtual world. This innovative and ambitious project captured the hearts and minds of fans of all ages, and its evolution over the years has left a lasting impact on the world of gaming.

Disney Infinity launched with its Starter Pack, which included a base, known as the “Infinity Base,” and three physical character figures: Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles, and Sulley from Monsters University. Players could place these figures on the Infinity Base, which would then transport the characters into the digital world of the game, unlocking a vast open-world sandbox environment where they could explore, complete missions, and customize their own virtual worlds.

One of the key elements of Disney Infinity was the “Toy Box” mode, which allowed players to create and customize their own virtual worlds using an expansive collection of digital toys and tools. Players could design their own levels, race tracks, and even create their own games within the game, unleashing their creativity and imagination in unprecedented ways. The Toy Box mode became a hub for players to share their creations online, fostering a vibrant community of Disney Infinity fans who shared their custom-made content and inspired each other with their creations.

In addition to the Toy Box mode, Disney Infinity also featured “Play Sets,” which were themed playsets that offered structured gameplay experiences based on specific Disney franchises. These playsets included iconic worlds from beloved Disney and Pixar properties, such as Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, Frozen, and many more. Players could purchase additional playsets and characters separately, expanding the content and experiences available in the game.

Disney Infinity continued to evolve with the release of new versions and updates. Disney Infinity 2.0 and Disney Infinity 3.0 introduced new features, characters, and playsets, further expanding the possibilities for creativity and gameplay. The introduction of new playsets based on the Marvel and Star Wars franchises was a significant milestone, bringing together the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars in a single gaming experience.

Disney Infinity also embraced the concept of collectible physical toys, releasing a wide range of character figures, power discs, and playset pieces that players could purchase separately. These physical toys would unlock digital content in the game, such as new characters, vehicles, and items, adding a unique element of interactive play and collectibility to the Disney Infinity experience.

Disney says that they will have two final Disney Infinity releases- one for “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and another for “Finding Dory” and then the entire toy line will be retired.

Digital publication Venturebeat speculates that the demise of Infinity signals a reinforced focus on mobile gaming for Disney, which they have done very well with so far. Venturebeat also points out that Disney’s toy and gaming division saw a 2% decrease in revenue in today’s quarterly earnings report, which obviously would cause changes for under-performing toy lines.

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