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Last Updated on: February 14th, 2023

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“Be Our Chef” is a reality cooking competition series that premiered on Disney+ on March 27, 2020. The show is produced by Disney and showcases families from diverse backgrounds competing against each other in a friendly culinary challenge.

In each episode of “Be Our Chef,” two families go head-to-head in a cooking competition, where they are tasked with creating a dish inspired by Disney movies and characters. The families must use their creativity, cooking skills, and teamwork to impress a panel of judges and win the title of “Be Our Chef.”

The panel of judges includes a rotating cast of Disney characters and celebrities. The judging criteria emphasize not only the taste and presentation of the dishes but also how well the families incorporate the Disney theme into their creations.

Throughout the series, viewers witness the families’ journeys as they bond over their love of Disney and cooking. The show celebrates the joy of cooking as a family activity and encourages kids and parents to work together in the kitchen.

“Be Our Chef” aims to be both entertaining and heartwarming, capturing the spirit of Disney’s beloved films and characters while promoting family togetherness and the joy of culinary exploration.

The show’s interactive and family-oriented format makes it suitable for viewers of all ages, providing a unique opportunity for families to engage in their own cooking adventures inspired by Disney magic.

As a Disney+ original series, “Be Our Chef” aligns with Disney’s commitment to creating engaging and family-friendly content that appeals to a broad audience.

Overall, “Be Our Chef” serves as a delightful and positive addition to Disney’s culinary-themed content, offering viewers a taste of the magic of Disney through the art of cooking and family bonding.

Additional Details:

  • Year of Debut: 2020
  • Type of Series: Reality
  • TV Channel/Platform: Disney+


  • Host: Angela Kinsey (The Office)

Show Trailer:

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