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Last Updated on: June 10th, 2024

Best Friends Whenever disney channel

“Best Friends Whenever” is a live-action television series that aired on Disney Channel from June 26, 2015, to December 11, 2016. The show was created by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas and targeted a young audience, particularly tweens and teenagers.

The series revolves around the lives of two best friends, Cyd Ripley (played by Landry Bender) and Shelby Marcus (played by Lauren Taylor). After a mishap in a futuristic science lab, the girls gain the ability to time travel when they are together and performing a specific handshake. They can revisit the past and travel to the future, leading to many comedic and adventurous situations.

Throughout “Best Friends Whenever,” Cyd and Shelby embark on time-traveling escapades that often result in hilarious misadventures and unexpected consequences. They use their time-traveling abilities to solve problems, fix mistakes, and help their friends and family.

In addition to time travel, the show also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the challenges of adolescence. The two protagonists experience typical teenage struggles while navigating their newfound powers.

Cyd and Shelby are joined by their close friends, Barry (played by Gus Kamp), Naldo (played by Ricky Garcia), and Daisy (played by identical twins Landry and Lauren Diaz), who often get entangled in the time-traveling shenanigans.

“Best Friends Whenever” aimed to entertain its target audience with a mix of humor, friendship, and sci-fi elements, and it also emphasized the value of strong bonds between friends.

While “Best Friends Whenever” had a relatively short run, it gained a dedicated fan base during its time on Disney Channel. The show provided wholesome entertainment for young viewers, and its time-traveling concept added a unique twist to the typical teenage comedy format.

As with many Disney Channel series, “Best Friends Whenever” left a positive and enjoyable impression on its viewers, contributing to Disney’s legacy of creating family-friendly and relatable content for young audiences.

Additional Details:


  • Landry Bender: Cyd Ripley
  • Lauren Taylor: Shelby Marcus
  • Gus Kamp: Barry Eisenberg
  • Ricky Garcia: Naldo Montoya
  • Benjamin Cole Royer: Bret Marcus
  • Matthew Lewis Royer: Chet Marcus
  • Mary Passeri: Astrid
  • Kevin Symons: Norm
  • Madison Hu: Marci
  • Larry Joe Campbell: Mr. Doyle
  • Nora Dunn: Janet Smythe
  • Bryana Salaz: Daisy


  • Creators: Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas
  • Executive producers: Scott Thomas, Jed Elinoff and Michael B. Kaplan
  • Producer: Julie Tsutsui

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