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Last Updated on: February 14th, 2023

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“Just Roll With It” is a live-action comedy television series that premiered on Disney Channel on June 14, 2019. The show was created by Adam Small and Trevor Moore and is known for its unique and interactive format.

The series follows the Bennett-Blatt family, which includes parents Rachel (played by Suzi Barrett) and Byron (played by Tobie Windham), along with their children Blair (played by Kaylin Hayman) and Owen (played by Ramon Reed). The family faces everyday challenges and humorous situations, but what makes the show distinct is its improvisational nature.

“Just Roll With It” incorporates elements of improvisational comedy, where the actors do not have a traditional script but rather a loose outline of the episode’s plot and key points. They then improvise their lines and reactions based on the scenarios presented to them. This improvisational aspect extends to the studio audience, who can suggest ideas and vote on different storylines that affect the characters’ choices throughout the episode.

The show regularly breaks the fourth wall, allowing characters to acknowledge that they are in a television show and interact with the audience. The actors’ ability to think on their feet and respond to unexpected situations adds a spontaneous and unpredictable element to the series.

“Just Roll With It” combines family-friendly comedy, heartfelt moments, and the excitement of improvisation, making it entertaining for viewers of all ages. The show encourages creativity, teamwork, and adaptability, as the characters must “roll with it” and handle unexpected twists and turns in each episode.

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  • Suzi Barrett: Rachel Bennett-Blatt
  • Tobie Windham: Byron Blatt
  • Ramon Reed: Owen Blatt
  • Kaylin Hayman: Blair Bennett
  • Candace Kozak: Ruth Booth
  • Michael Lanahan: Mr Penworth
  • JC Currais: The Gator


  • Creators: Adam Small and Trevor Moore

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