Sheriff Callie’s Wild West 

Last Updated on: June 10th, 2024

Sheriff Callie's Wild West | Disney Junior Show

“Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” is an animated children’s television series that aired on Disney Junior from 2014 to 2017. The show is a mix of musical, comedy, and Western genres and is targeted at preschool-aged children.

The series is set in the colorful and charming town of Nice and Friendly Corners, a Western frontier town populated by anthropomorphic animal characters. The main character is Sheriff Callie, a friendly and resourceful calico cat who serves as the town’s sheriff. She is known for her catchphrase, “Sweet sassafras!”

As sheriff, Callie is dedicated to maintaining law and order in Nice and Friendly Corners, often resolving conflicts and dilemmas in a fair and caring manner. Alongside her trusty deputy, a woodpecker named Peck, and a cactus sidekick named Toby, Callie embarks on various adventures and helps her friends and neighbors in the town.

Each episode features a unique problem or challenge that the characters face, and Sheriff Callie uses her problem-solving skills, quick thinking, and empathy to find solutions and teach valuable life lessons to the young viewers. The show incorporates themes of friendship, honesty, teamwork, and respecting others, making it both entertaining and educational for preschool audiences.

“Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” is notable for its catchy and toe-tapping musical numbers, which often convey the show’s messages and enhance its storytelling. The musical aspect adds to the show’s charm and appeal for young children.

Additional Details:


  • Mandy Moore: Sheriff Callie
  • Lucas Grabeel: Deputy Peck
  • Jessica DiCicco: Toby
  • Kevin Michael Richardson: Uncle Bun
  • Cree Summer: Priscilla Skunk
  • Mo Collins: Ella
  • Kevin Michael Richardson: Farmer Stinky


  • Creators: George Evelyn, Holly Huckins and Denis Morella
  • Executive Producer: George Evelyn and Denis Morella

Show Trailer:

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